Walter Jacob (1893-1964)(German Expressionist): Nude Boys in Landscape - 1915

This nice study of three nude boys in a landscape scene popped up on an auction in Germany last week. Walter Jacob (1893-1969) belonged to the second generation of German expressionism and was the son of an artist himself. He began painting and drawing at an early age under his father's tutelage. After serving in the First World War he returned to Germany to study at the Dresden Academy under Robert Sterl, whose master class he attended from 1919-1920. He was greatly influenced by his experiences in the War. His first love was printmaking and he was in close contact with the artist group Dresden Secession Group 1919 ("Dresdner Sezession Gruppe 1919"). He traveled extensively in Europe and was later interned by the Nazi's at Dachau. After the war he turned to biblical scenes and colorful abstractions. In 1956 Galerie Maurice Andre in Paris did an overview of his life works.

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European Auction Offerings for March 2013

The Spring European Auction Season for 2013 is well on its way with some impressive (and expensive) art offerings. I have culled through and picked out some of the nicer ones for you. Towards the end I have thrown in a few nice non-nude portraits. Enjoy.

Alessandro Varotari (1588-1648) Daedalus and Icarus

17th Century Italian School: Pan with Flute

Alfred Roll (1846-1919): Alsace Femme

M. Caffieri : Allegorie des Wassers Hohe Vorderseitig - 1759

Antonio Modinari (1655-1704):  Bearded Male Nude with Grapes

In the manner of - Arno Breker: Etude d'homme (terre cuite)

Anonymous - Art Deco Terracotta Figure - Female Nude with Tambourine

Hermann Behrens (1865-1909): Standing Female Nude

Balthus (in the manner of): Standing Female Nude

Eugene Benet - Jungling mit Schwert

Unknown Artist - Biedermeier Minature - Dri Grazien

August Bischoff (1876-1965): Stehender Bogenschutze

Carl Tahl (1822-1865) Mithologische Szene (Studie)

Unknown Artist - 17th Century France - Crucified Christ

Coni Brogeler: Bewunderung des Modells (1916)

Elisabeth Nourse (1859-1938): Female Nude - 1888

Unknown French school - 19th Century: Orestes, Fils du roi Agamemnon

Ferenc Gaal (1891-1956):  Female Nude

Georg Hahn (1841-1889): Sitting Male Nude (etching)

Harry (Heinrich) Jochmus (1855-1915) Pastoral Scene

Unknown German Impressionist painter: around 1900 - Ruckenakt

Hubert von Herkomer (1849-1914): Untitled

Unknown Artist: Ivory carving of a young boy - circa 1910

Karl Orelt: Mutter mit zwei Kindern (circa 1930)

Julius Schdmit-Felling (1835-1920) Krieger von dem Kampf - 1910

Johann Kluska (1904-1979): Untitled

Laurent Pecheux (1729-1821): Pan

Ernst Liebermann (1869-?): Three Graces

N. Angermayer (?): Limb Study

Oscar Gladenbeck: Knabe vom Berge (circa 1890)

Paul Paeda (1868-1929): Zwei Madchen - Truda und N.N.

Peter Hirsch (1889-1978): Male Nude

Peter Kalman (1877-1948): Maria und Maria Magdalena mit Christus

R. Collon - 19th Century French school: Der verlorene Sohn (circa 1890)

Richard Gutschdmit: Bathing Woman

Rudolf Rossier (1864-1934): Nude with Tambourin on a Sofa

Richard Schwarzkopf (1893-1963): Mythological Scene

French Studio late 19th century: Nude Boy withy Horn

Unknown French Artist: Dancing Male Nude

Unknown 19th century Artist: Flote blasender Hirte mit Jungem Madchen und Faun

Arthur Volkmann (1851-1941): Bathers

Unknown Venetian Artist - 17th Century: Male Nude

Walter Volland (1898-1980): Knabenakt

Curt Witte (1882-1959): Paradise in Southern Landscape

Unknown German Artist: Mythological Scene - Late 19th century

Hals Dahl (1849-1937): Hutejunge, auf einem Baumstamm sitzend

Wilhelm Dohme (1910-1979):  Young Drummer - 1933

Hals Dahl (1849-1937): Hutejunge, auf einem Baumstamm sitzend

Johanna Koch (1886-?): Junge auf der Gartenmauer

Unsigned - Haarlem Academy: Johannes der Tayfer in der Landschaft (circa 1850)

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