Raffaello Resio (Genoa 1854 - Savona 1927): Standing Bacchus

Our friend Mattia Jona at La Portantina di Mattia Jona, Milan, Italy has listed his latest acquisitions and this beautiful study really impressed me. It is a brush and ink study of Bacchus by Raffaello Resio (1854-1927). According to the description "Resio studied in Genoa, at the Accademia Ligustica, and made his debut in the late 1870's with paintings of military subjects. There followed a period of study and work in Rome, where he participated (1880-1887) in the exhibitions of the 'Società degli Amatori e Cultori', with Roman landscapes, Ligurian and Neapolitan views, genre scenes and paintings of historical subject. In Liguria he was also very active as a fresco painter of churches." (Illustration and biography courtesy La Portantina di Mattie Jona, Milan, Italy)

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Hans-Ferdinand Tönnies (1878-1973): Sitzender Mädchenakt im Atelier - 1904

Kunstauktionshaus Schloss Ahlden has listed this beautiful female nude study by Hans-Ferdinand Tonnies (1878-1973) in their latest Auction catalog. Unfortunately, I could find scant information on the artist although there is a German Socialogist/Philosopher by the same name. The artist obviously has absolute control over his medium.

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Karl Schdmit (1890-1962): Dramatic California Sunset - 1928

I was browsing my usual haunts this morning when I came across this beautiful work. I know it really is outside the purview of this blog but I just had to share it with you just for the sheer joy of it. I have long been an admirer of the Mission Style and in particular the California School of painters from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.I wish I had that control of color that Schmidt exhibits in this work. Every thing just seems to come together in this work, the composition, the color, and that beautiful frame, which was no doubt designed by the artist to compliment that beautiful painting. Here is the description of the work Doyle New York provided with the illustration:

"Karl Schmidt American, 1890-1962 A Dramatic California Sunset, 1928: Triptych Signed Karl Schmidt and dated 1928 left panel (lr) Oil on card laid down on board Overall 8 3/4 x 17 3/4 inches; center panel 8 3/4 x 10 1/2 inches, left panel 8 3/4 x 3 1/2 inches, right panel 8 3/4 x 3 1/2 inches Provenance: Private collection, San Francisco, CA A painter, ceramics designer, and art teacher, Schmidt was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. By 1917, he had moved to Santa Barbara, California, where he was associated with the group of painters who worked in California artist Alexander Harmer`s mission-style studio. In California, Schmidt developed a decorative painting mode in which he abstracted landscape forms, rendering them as flat planes of color thoughtfully arranged within his compositions. His approach suggests the influence of the art of Arthur Wesley Dow, whose method was disseminated by the many Dow students who settled in the Los Angeles area in the early twentieth century. This triptych of magnificent sunset colors and soft-shaped trees and clouds is hinged together in original frames."


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Circle of Domenico Zampieri (Domenichino) (1581-1641) - 17th Century: Ganymede - Cup Bearer to the Gods

A seller on eBay France has listed this nicely executed depiction of Ganymede (Cup Bearer of the Gods), circle of Domenichino. He speculated that the figure might be Young St. John (Not even close). Anyone with half an active brain could read the symbology of that Eagle and the gold cup and that sexually seductive look on that boy's face. I sent him an email and corrected him on the identity of that mysterious youth. I am sure that painting is darker than a stack of black cats and the photographs he posted were illuminated by a million watt bulb, that's how it usually works with some of the European sellers. Dissemblance seems to be a major past-time of some these guys, just a comment from my personal experience. Anywho, a nicely executed study of a very  popular guy (in Olympus and other circles of lust and passion in the universe...I think someone once said, tongue-in-cheek: "There's nothing so soft as a little boy's cheek...", which cheek, however, being definitely up for debate). Ganymede definitely pissed off Hebe, whom he replaced as the favorite of Zeus. Who can blame her, being upstaged by a young upstart shepherd whose only attribute was his good looks and soft cheeks. Wait a minute, I think I get it now.

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Georg Emil Reineck (1848-1916): Standing Nude Youth (Bronze) 1901

A seller on eBay Germany has posted an example of Georg Reineck's Standing Nude Youth. I would expect the sale to top a thousand Euros and up at its end. Reineck is a well listed German sculptor but unfortunately I did not have enought time this morning to dig for his biography.

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Amisha Patel Nude Fake

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Zarine khan nude fake

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Unknown Italian Artist - 19th Century: Female Nude in Ivory

I was browsing auctions in Germany this morning and I came across this beautifully executed sculpture of a kneeling female nude currently listed in the auction catalog of Kunst & Auctionshaus Kasern in Hannover, DE. It is of Italian origin, 19th century, and by the hand of an unknown artist in a medium you would not find in this day and time, for very good reasons. Still, beautifully executed.
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Walter Jacob (1893-1964)(German Expressionist): Nude Boys in Landscape - 1915

This nice study of three nude boys in a landscape scene popped up on an auction in Germany last week. Walter Jacob (1893-1969) belonged to the second generation of German expressionism and was the son of an artist himself. He began painting and drawing at an early age under his father's tutelage. After serving in the First World War he returned to Germany to study at the Dresden Academy under Robert Sterl, whose master class he attended from 1919-1920. He was greatly influenced by his experiences in the War. His first love was printmaking and he was in close contact with the artist group Dresden Secession Group 1919 ("Dresdner Sezession Gruppe 1919"). He traveled extensively in Europe and was later interned by the Nazi's at Dachau. After the war he turned to biblical scenes and colorful abstractions. In 1956 Galerie Maurice Andre in Paris did an overview of his life works.

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European Auction Offerings for March 2013

The Spring European Auction Season for 2013 is well on its way with some impressive (and expensive) art offerings. I have culled through and picked out some of the nicer ones for you. Towards the end I have thrown in a few nice non-nude portraits. Enjoy.

Alessandro Varotari (1588-1648) Daedalus and Icarus

17th Century Italian School: Pan with Flute

Alfred Roll (1846-1919): Alsace Femme

M. Caffieri : Allegorie des Wassers Hohe Vorderseitig - 1759

Antonio Modinari (1655-1704):  Bearded Male Nude with Grapes

In the manner of - Arno Breker: Etude d'homme (terre cuite)

Anonymous - Art Deco Terracotta Figure - Female Nude with Tambourine

Hermann Behrens (1865-1909): Standing Female Nude

Balthus (in the manner of): Standing Female Nude

Eugene Benet - Jungling mit Schwert

Unknown Artist - Biedermeier Minature - Dri Grazien

August Bischoff (1876-1965): Stehender Bogenschutze

Carl Tahl (1822-1865) Mithologische Szene (Studie)

Unknown Artist - 17th Century France - Crucified Christ

Coni Brogeler: Bewunderung des Modells (1916)

Elisabeth Nourse (1859-1938): Female Nude - 1888

Unknown French school - 19th Century: Orestes, Fils du roi Agamemnon

Ferenc Gaal (1891-1956):  Female Nude

Georg Hahn (1841-1889): Sitting Male Nude (etching)

Harry (Heinrich) Jochmus (1855-1915) Pastoral Scene

Unknown German Impressionist painter: around 1900 - Ruckenakt

Hubert von Herkomer (1849-1914): Untitled

Unknown Artist: Ivory carving of a young boy - circa 1910

Karl Orelt: Mutter mit zwei Kindern (circa 1930)

Julius Schdmit-Felling (1835-1920) Krieger von dem Kampf - 1910

Johann Kluska (1904-1979): Untitled

Laurent Pecheux (1729-1821): Pan

Ernst Liebermann (1869-?): Three Graces

N. Angermayer (?): Limb Study

Oscar Gladenbeck: Knabe vom Berge (circa 1890)

Paul Paeda (1868-1929): Zwei Madchen - Truda und N.N.

Peter Hirsch (1889-1978): Male Nude

Peter Kalman (1877-1948): Maria und Maria Magdalena mit Christus

R. Collon - 19th Century French school: Der verlorene Sohn (circa 1890)

Richard Gutschdmit: Bathing Woman

Rudolf Rossier (1864-1934): Nude with Tambourin on a Sofa

Richard Schwarzkopf (1893-1963): Mythological Scene

French Studio late 19th century: Nude Boy withy Horn

Unknown French Artist: Dancing Male Nude

Unknown 19th century Artist: Flote blasender Hirte mit Jungem Madchen und Faun

Arthur Volkmann (1851-1941): Bathers

Unknown Venetian Artist - 17th Century: Male Nude

Walter Volland (1898-1980): Knabenakt

Curt Witte (1882-1959): Paradise in Southern Landscape

Unknown German Artist: Mythological Scene - Late 19th century

Hals Dahl (1849-1937): Hutejunge, auf einem Baumstamm sitzend

Wilhelm Dohme (1910-1979):  Young Drummer - 1933

Hals Dahl (1849-1937): Hutejunge, auf einem Baumstamm sitzend

Johanna Koch (1886-?): Junge auf der Gartenmauer

Unsigned - Haarlem Academy: Johannes der Tayfer in der Landschaft (circa 1850)

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