19th Century Academic Study: Standing Male Nude

A few minutes ago I picked up this nice Male Nude Study on eBay France. Unfortunately, I can find no biographical information on the artist (M. Brurd?) (signed in the lower left corner). Still, a nice 19th century nude study.
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Pelagio Palagi (1775-1860) Seated Male Nude - Pen and Ink Drawing ... ca. 1810-20

Our friend at La Portantina di Mattia Jona, Milan, Italy has just posted his new aquisitions. This nice pen and ink Male Nude caught my eye. Pelagio Palagi (1775-1860) was an Italian architect, portrait painter, furniture designer and collector. He started his training early and by the age of 20 he was collaborating with Antonio Basoli in Bologna. He attended the evening drawing sessions at the home of the Italian engraver Frencesco Rosaspina. In 1802 he studied at the Bolognese Accademia. In 1806, he moved to Rome, continuing his studies at the Accademia de San Luca under Camuccini. In 1815, he moved to Milan, where he remained until 1832. During his residence in Milan he established a private school of painting and architecture. He was elected to the Brera Academy. In 1832 he was employed by then King Carlo Alberto to direct the decoration of the royal residences. (Thanks to Matta Jona for the illustration and biography of the artist)

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Winter Season European Auction Finds: Intaglio Prints

The Winter European Auction scene is in full swing. If you love antique prints the way I do, then this is a perfect time to add some very nice 16th to 20th century intaglio prints to your collection. I have gone through and culled out a good many figurative works for your enjoyment. Enjoy.
Paul Troger (1698-1762) Pieta

Hans Thoma (1839-1924) Garden of Eden

Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617) Pieta .. 1596

Cajetan Schweitzer (1844-1913) River God

Jan Saenredam (1565-1607)

Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617) The Roman Hero

Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617) Der Sturz des Ikarus

Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617) Calphurnius

Giovanni Battista Galestruzzi (1618-1677) Silenus accompanied by Fauns and Satyrs

Georgio Ghisi (1520-1582) Frescoes of the Galerie d'Ulysse

Georgio Ghisi (1520-1582) Hercules with the Hydra

Ernesto Bazzaro (1859-1937) Nude Female

Ernesto Bazzaro (1859-1937) Female Nude

Georg Christoph Eimmart (1638-1705) Self Portrait supported by Putti

Dutch, 16th Century... Christ with the Cross in a niche

Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) The so called "Despairing"

Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) The Flag Waiver

Zacharias Dolendo (1561-1601) The Powers of the World

Oreste Costa (1851-1910) (Attrib.) Young St John the Baptist

Nicolas Chapron (1612-1656) The Drunken Silenus

Charles-Michael-Ange Challe (1718-1778) La Mort d'Hercule

Carlo Carlone (1686-1775) Academic Nude

Antonio Canova (1757-1822) Napolean as peace

Bruno Heroux for Alfred Probst (ca. 1920)

Hans Brosamer (1480-1552) The Judgement of Paris

Pierre Brebiette (1598-1650) The Holy Family with the infant St. John

Orazio Borgiano (1575-1616) The Lamentation of Christ

Jan de Bisschop ... Two Male Nudes

Philips Bile ... Tibris --- From The Series of Sea and River Gods.

Philips Bile ... Danubius

Philips Bile .... Scaldis

Philips Bile -- Tagus

Benvenuto Disertori (1887-1969) Apollo et La Fortuna (1930)

Sebad Beham --- Adam and Eve

Nicolas Beatrizet -- The River god Tiber

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Ludwig von Hofmann (1861-1945): Badende Knaben (Repost)

This afternoon I was browsing through some of my past posts on this blog and I noticed that I did a not so fine job of stitching together the pieces of one of my favorite Ludwig von Hofmann works, Badende Knaben (Bathing Boys), so I decided to give it another try. I have managed to perfect a technique of blowing the originals up to large pixilated sizes so that my eyes can see where the original parts should be joined together rather than rely upon just guessing. The results are far better than past postings. There is a lot of movement in this pastel drawing even though the figures themselves are static in their surroundings.

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Ernst Bischoff-Culm (1870-1917): Male and Female Nudes - Intaglio Print

I guess this is a 19th century male view of a frat party. A seller on eBay Germany listed this work by Ernst Bischoff-Culm (1870-1917) recently. The price is a bit out of my reach right now but I still like the action going on. Let's see: there's something here for everybody, girls holding hands with girls, guys holding hands with guys, guys and girls laughing, guys and girls holding hands, everybody doing the latest dance drunk on their feet, yup, that looks like a 19th century frat party to me! Anywho, Ernst Bischoff-Culm studied under Georg Knorr and Carl Steffeck at the Kunstakademie Konigsberg, later at the Kunstakademie Berlin under Hugo Vogel and Josef Scheurenberg.

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Rudolf Kaesbach (1873-1955): Nude Male Athlete with Ball - Bronze

Historia Auktionshaus, Berlin, DE. recently listed this beautiful bronze in their catalog. Rudolf Kaesbach is a well listed German artist. He studied at the Art Academy in Hanaus, Paris, and later in Brussels.

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Rudolf Henn (1880-1955) Nackter Jungling mit Spiegel (Nude Ephebe with Mirror) ca. 1900

The Rudolf Henn bronze arrived from the German auction house this week. Unfortunately, there is some damage to the mirror frame which was not disclosed in the lot description. The moral of the story is, don't be a complete moron like me, ask for a complete condition report from the auction house before you blow big bucks on something. Fortunately, I have located a very competent art bronze master who, hopefully, if I can afford it, will reverse the damage and bring this beautiful work of art back up to its original condition. The base and figure itself is in pristine condition fortunately. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Enjoy.

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